The future of work: Adapting to the changing demands of the global workplace

26th August, 2022

On Friday, August 26th, join us for a TC Live session where will be discussing how is technology changing the future of work in Africa.

Today, the rise of automation is setting new rules for business excellence and market dominance. Nearly 14% of jobs are likely to be automated, while another 32% are at high risk of being partially automated. As technology continues to take on human roles, individuals need reskilling that helps them transition into this new order.

Developing new skills is particularly vital in today’s world, where technology, creativity, and innovation have become important indicators for companies hiring across different roles.

On this episode of TC Live, Timi Odueso, a reporter at TechCabal will be speaking with talent managers and HR executives about the evolving demands of the global workplace and how talent and business leaders can adapt/prepare themselves for it.