GE’s roots in Africa are over 100 years old, providing us with a unique understanding of the continent. As a diversified global infrastructure, finance and media company, GE is in a unique position to utilize the breadth and depth of our businesses to provide Africa with the solution it needs. From water reuse technology to portable healthcare products, GE can help East, Central and West African nations and economies grow and develop to their full potential.

GE is ready to partner with Africa into the next chapter of its growth, and we plan to do that by building partnerships, transferring knowledge, bringing solutions and being responsible. By providing products and services that can help Africa capitalize on current opportunities, while partnering on projects for the future, GE can help Africa usher in growth. In 2008, GE had $3.5 billion in revenues and over 1500 employees in Africa, a testament to our commitment to the continent.

We believe GE is best positioned to be a trusted partner of African countries. GE can provide the kind of innovation and imagination needed for integrated solutions in Africa today, to help pave the way for future progress.

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