International e-commerce in Africa – A whitepaper

TechCabal, Africa’s leading publication on tech and innovation, has partnered with Klasha, a tech startup simplifying borderless payments for commerce in Africa to produce a whitepaper that discusses African e-commerce in detail. This white paper examines the state of international e-commerce in Africa, with a focus on the key players contributing to the development of the e-commerce sector and barriers hampering its growth. 

It also discusses strategies to remove these barriers and facilitate international trade on the continent, with key emphasis placed on the unified digital payment solution startup Klasha and its roles in addressing these challenges.

This paper is structured in a way that it addresses the questions on the mind of every entrepreneur and policymaker, which are: – 

  • What is the way forward in tackling these barriers? 
  • How can we accelerate Africa’s e-commerce development to become a global force and serve as a positive influence in advancing her economy?
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