Payment infrastructure: Enabling rails for the future of payments in Africa

Africa’s digital payments landscape is fast evolving and is miles away from where it used to be. A lot of this has been shaped by the amount of investment pouring into the space, which has, in turn, impacted the speed and ease with which players are able to innovate. As a result, there are bullish projections on where the industry could be headed.

As businesses and individuals continue to seek faster, more efficient ways to pay, receive or send money, operators equally try to match this need by providing new offerings and constantly improving existing ones. Yet, although a lot of growth is happening on the continent and financial inclusion is increasing, payments are still fragmented. 

In order to look at the challenges still clogging innovation within the space, Zone (formerly known as Appzone) in partnership with TechCabal Insights has launched a whitepaper on payment infrastructure in Africa. This whitepaper offers an aerial view of the state of payments on the continent. It also explores the challenges that sit at the heart of innovation within the space, and what stakeholders need to do to address these challenges.

It focuses on the following:

  • the biggest problems with payment infrastructure in Africa;
  • the players solving these problems and the successes they’ve achieved; and 
  • the ground yet to be covered and what the industry needs to unlock the next phase of growth.

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