The Future of Energy in Sub-Saharan Africa

The Future of Energy in Sub-Saharan Africa, created in partnership with
Stears Data provides an in-depth analysis of the patterns & drivers of
off-grid renewable electrification in Sub-Saharan Africa. It helps
investors, operators, and policy-makers to better understand the
conditions that precede and promote the rapid adoption of off-grid
renewables and where they can be found on the continent. The report
also uses maps to visualise the markets for electricity, solar PV
technology, and green mini-grids in the region.

The Future of Energy in Sub-Saharan Africa report creates and analyses
multiple maps of the region to understand and predict the pattern of
off-grid renewable electricity adoption in the region.

The report answers the following

  • Why have electricity markets across Africa suffered
    from common inefficiencies that hold back
    utility-scale electricity generation?
  • What natural and artificial conditions have helped
    standalone solar PV thrive in some regions and
    struggle in others?
  • What role can regulation and financing play in
    driving off-grid renewable electricity adoption
    in Sub-Saharan Africa?
  • How can investors and operators identify attractive
    markets for off-grid renewable technologies?

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