Callbase is a telephone system for modern distributed teams that makes it easy, affordable and more efficient for organizations to manage and measure voice communication with customers, partners and others. It is browser based, self service hosted and does not require any installation. Callbase is built on the Fonenode Telephony API. Remember, Fonenode’s maiden implementation was covered last […]

A while back on TechCabal we introduced Fonenode, a pioneering service that enables developers to make and receive phone calls as well as send and receive text messages using its telephony API. In collaboration with, they have just pulled another first by launching Nigeria’s — if not Africa’s — first click-to-call button. Webmasters can now allow users make […]

These days, tech startups are often either mobile apps or offline logistics businesses with a website. But every now and then, we get to see a pure play technology solution that is mostly held together by real code. Fonenode falls squarely into that category. The new startup has created a platform that enables web applications […]

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