Government Agencies Migrating To .NG TLD. Still Host Servers Abroad – Surprise


The FG’s¬†ultimatum for all ministries and agencies to migrate their websites to the new .ng top-level domains before the end of August this year has reportedly yielded good fruit. This is probably good news for those who have put all their money on the mass adoption of the shiny new, but relatively expensive .ng domain.

However, while most government parastatals are migrating to .ng, they apparently are still hosting most of their websites on foreign servers. Surprise? Or no surprise?


  • Abayomi Ayoola says:

    I’m not surprised. At the moment, there’s no capacity to host within the boundaries of the countries.

  • seun says:

    Tell me why they should host servers here? with the power supply and expensive data of $2000 for 2MByte/s monthly.

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