Afro: The Second Impression


24 hours ago, I accepted to take up the role of Afro’s GM in Nigeria. (Yeah, AfroCab is so 2014).

I’m humbled by the confidence Afro’s investors have put in me to take this re-branded company to the next level.

And this re-brand is not just a coat of paint. Or some new lipstick on a pig. We’ve rebuilt Afro from the ground up. By Africans, in Africa, for Africa.

We’ve learned a number of lessons from our extended pilot. The team I intend to lead will not shy away from learning a few more. And though we won’t get a second chance to make a first impression, we do have a first chance to make a second impression.

So here’s to all the home-grown, schooled-on-the-continent African techies. I’ll be making moves over the next month or two, to quickly bring Afro back to the forefront of a very challenging and competitive landscape.

Make Your Move. Get Afro.


  • ihesiepeter says:

    I am really happy to read this and will be rooting for you to take the firm to whole new level. Congrats Aniedi

  • Uduak says:

    Goodluck and best wishes.

  • Mercy says:

    Congrats Aniedi, I am more than HAPPY for you. God will continue to take you to greater heights in Jesus name, Amen.

  • okemini otum says:

    And so it all begins, will he become the Titian or be another flash in the pan…hmmm, your team will determine the outcome, only time will tell.
    Congrats on the new position Bro.

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