Looking for that Multi-purpose ATM for all your transactions? Diamond Bank provides you that ONE-STOP ATM


Hi There,

You know how we all dream of walking into a store to carry out all our grocery shopping in one store, instead of roaming around different stores to find everything you need?

Well, our ATMs have evolved to be just that!

Diamond Bank’s ATMs offer you much more than just cash withdrawals. YOU can now perform a wide range of banking transactions conveniently at any Diamond ATM. Some of include:

● Cash withdrawals
● Cash Deposit
● Balance enquiries
● Fund Transfer- Transfer funds to any Diamond account (Yours & Third Parties).
● Magic Cash Services- A card-less service that empowers you to use Diamond ATMs without your debit card.
● Magic Transfer- Send money to non-bank account holders. Beneficiaries can simply and easily collect funds at the ATM.
● Bills Payment- Top up your airtime and make bills payments for various services such as Cable TV (DSTV etc.), Utility Bills etc.

We also have some other fantastic reasons why you really should use a Diamond ATM:

● It is open 24 hours daily and all the days of the week.
● It is a lot cheaper to transact with Diamond ATM than visiting the branch
● It is secure & no human interface is required
You can learn more about your one-stop ATM and all the great benefits right HERE

Diamond…Your Bank.