YouPload is a service that enables content creators get their videos to YouTube in the shortest time possible, via ultra-fast internet. Users are charged according to the size of the video.

First, you have to book an appointment by email or phone. Then you either send your content over to their office- by hand or by post – or have a member of the YouPload team come pick it up for a fee (Lagos only) and finally, your content is uploaded to your YouTube Channel . If required, YouPload also provides content monetization service to its users via its YouTube Partnership Network so they can generate revenue from their content. For details of the YouPload office address and phone numbers, visit the website.

YouPload is a product of Nultan Limited – the same guys behind tvNolly and Deeski. Nultan was founded by Adeniyi Olutayo.

Photo Credit: johntrainor via Compfight cc

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13th March 2019

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