We all love Twitter because it is a amazing place to be. Especially Nigerian Twitter. But having to balance between often crowded timelines, “noisy” live streams and, you know, real life, we often miss some of the most interesting going-ons on Twitter.

Starting this week, TechCabal will bring you a weekly update of events, conversations, memes and trends that made the most rounds on Twitter. Without further ado, we bring you the best of Nigerian Twitter this week.

America Will Know

During Sunday’s media chat, President Jonathan, in response to a question about the alleged missing $20 billion in oil money said:

Twenty billion dollars is a lot of money. If you steal $20 billion today, America will know. It is their money.

We are still as confused now, as we were then. And that confusion led to the viral #AmericaWillKnow meme.


There is God

If by now, you don’t know there is God, you must have been in another planet or dimension all week. The first lady invited some women to the state house to discuss the latest findings on the status of the missing Chibok girls. What followed was a very emotional speech from the first lady. There were a lot of quotables in that heartfelt speech, but most notable was her prevalent use of the phrase “there is God”.

And of course, that “invoked” a meme too.

Super Eagles

Nigeria’s senior football team (Super Eagles) coach Stephen Keshi, released his 30-man provisional list for the World Cup in June. The major highlight of the list was the inclusion of the “prodigal son”, Osaze Odemwingie, Shola Amoebi “old gun” Joseph Yobo

Victor Moses

On Wednesday, Liverpool all but sealed their unfortunate fate in the EPL with a 3-3 draw against Crystal Palace. Someone had to take the fall. That someone was Super Eagles and Liverpool striker Victor Moses, who happens to be on a season-long loan from Chelsea.

Moses came in as a substitute and in the 94th minute, just before the final whistle was blown, he missed a golden chance to win the game. Inevitably, football fans on both sides took to Twitter to share commentary.

Ellen Degneres and Michelle Obama

The campaign for the return of Nigeria’s  missing girls continues to gain traction. International attention is now at its peak, with the US and UK extending helping hands to the Nigerian government. An increasing number of really influential international personalities have also lent their voices to the cause, including Ellen Degeneres, who holds the world record for the highest number of retweets ever, and US First lady, Michelle Obama.

We only hope all the attention translates to actual salvation for the young girls.

Christiane Amanpour and Wole Soyinka

Still on the matter of the missing girls, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour had a chat with Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka who says the Nigerian president has no excuse and blames the Nigerian government for “acting like children”.

Reactions were mixed but generally positive.


Twitter  account of the week

This week’s recommended Twitter account that you absolutely must follow is @NotGoodluck. It is a hilarious parody account of none other than President Goodluck Jonathan. With its satirical take on the ongoing Twitter conversations about the president, this account has managed to garner a near-thousand following in less than a week since it was opened.

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