South Africa-based startup Wanos Networks is seeking ZAR 600,000 (USD 50,000) in funding and advice on business development as it looks to expand its operations and boost profits, reports Disrupt Africa.

The company is willing to part with five per cent equity for the funding.

Wanos is a network acceleration that compresses bandwidth, reducing network traffic to accelerate network speed via its WAN optimization solution.

Wanos network was founded in February, 2014 by Antonie Henning.

“While bootstrapping, taking an investment is tempting, but we had to be disciplined and make the right call for the business. More important than the cash, we are looking to partner with someone that will advise on business development,” Henning said.

Wanos is one of the startups participating in the StartUp90 accelerator programme in Cape Town, South Africa.

Source: Disrupt Africa

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