In partnership with Infenix, Paytoo has introduced easy and quick transfers to mobile wallets in Africa on the 14th of July, 2015. This launch follows a host of other money remittance services that have recently been launched, including Transferwise, which extended its services to Nigeria earlier in the year. With the use of Infenix’s remittance distribution network, US based Paytoo aims to provide services in about 29 countries, reaching over 79 million customers.

There are millions of Africans living abroad and there is a need for money transfer services that are cheap, effective and easy. Paytoo has operations in Latin America and Infenix is established in Paris, Abidjan, Dakar, Nigeria, Italy and Spain.

According to Michel Poignant, the CEO of Paytoo Corp, “We realize the need to have a cheaper and more convenient solution for them to send money to their family in Africa. Thanks to our agreement with Infenix, we will offer cheaper, faster and easier money transfers, improving the lives of many people living in the countries involved.”

This target of this partnership is to use mobile phones to deliver money remittance services to 2.5 billion unbanked people across the globe, starting with Africa.

Photo Credit: .v1ctor Casale. via Compfight cc

Aizehi Oboh Author

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