Harare Institute of Technology will host workshops showcasing various innovations from its different faculties in celebration of its tenth anniversary, according to reports by Techzim.

The workshop will also serve as a convergence of ideas between the university, and the tech industry regarding the Zimbabwean tech scene. Interactions will be centered around issues surrounding: cloud computing and security, Ecommerce, and tech entrepreneurship, as well as ecommerce, and bio-tech.

According to Techzim, the workshop will be conducted by various members invited from industry and commerce and the University to share and discuss the areas and get feedback from participants on areas where there is need for improvement.

The workshops will take place from the 24th, to the 26th of August, and is open to startups, entrepreneurs, investors, and everyone interested in tech. Harare Institute of Technology is Zimbabwean university established in 1988 as a vocational training centre focused on technology. It metamorphosed into a university in 2005, after which it started awarding degrees and these workshop are part of events celebrating its ten years existence as a university.

Lanre Odesomi Author

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