It is no longer news that criminal gangs have stepped up robbery operations in different parts of the country, Lagos especially, dispossessing people of their valuables and vandalizing their cars while stuck in traffic. The situation is clearly getting out of hand and it has become imperative for citizens to do their best to protect themselves.

For over 23 years, Concept Nova has been rendering indigenous IT Solutions relevant to the Nigerian environment such as its Fuel Management Solution, Vehicle Tracking Solutions (remember Ti-Kon?), and Cargo-Weight Monitoring Solutions, amongst others.

To combat this uprising Traffic Robbery situation, Concept Nova has once again come up with a premium solution, the C-Protect. C-Protect is an anti-glass break solution that helps to safeguard lives and properties of individuals; while being extremely effective to motorists especially those who find themselves stuck in traffic jams around high-risk environments.

This anti-glass break solution is an invisible coat of film installed around glass you need protected – for example; installing on car window glasses, vents, and windscreens to prevent the glass from shattering in an event of accidental glass break, theft or vandalism. It reduces the ease of robbery by over 80% as it is nearly impossible to break the glass upon multiple hits.

The protective film holds all the pieces together, protecting occupants from injury while denying entry to a potential thief. It also comes with an alarm which has been developed to have a 300M radius, to scare invaders away and alert bystanders of a potential robbery.

With less than N15, 000, the C-Protect will safeguard you and your valuables from being another victim of preying hands. Moreover, don’t protect yourself alone; get C-Protect for family and loved ones also. You can order directly from www.concept-nova.com/C-Protect or from our franchise partners; you can also find C-Protect here on the Dealdey and Konga platforms.

These robberies might not end any time soon, how prepared are you? Get your C-Protect Today! See demo video here.

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