P5 mini

The excitement that lit her face when I gave her the package was nothing compared to the exhilaration when she unwrapped it. Even though she had tried to hide it from me, I knew she really needed a phone and so I got one. I watched, a little proud of myself as she inspected the gift. She couldn’t hide the feeling.

I could relate. The first shock that hits you when you hold the Gionee P5 Mini in your hands is its semblance with the seeming images in previews that seemed out of this world. The stylish curves of metal and glass create a perfect symmetry within the ambit of 132mm by 66mm and 9.1mm. I had chosen the white one, it was her best colour and it added a purity that you could feel.

She said that she loved me, that she was very grateful, I smiled. “It seemed like a small phone but by many standards, the P5mini is spectacular.”

“Tell me about it” she requested

“Its 4.5-inch screen may not be too much when you are talking about quantity but it is brandished with the latest technology on touch screen (on-cell) and display (in-plane switching). The on-cell is a touch screen technology that reduces the thickness of display by placing the sensor directly on the lenses. The in-plane switching ensures the clean and sharp display from whatever angle the screen is viewed.”

She looked at me and urged me to go on.

The Gionee P5 Mini employs the DTS technology to bring users an unforgettable experience of sound and music. It has a volume strengthening mode which takes the volume of the phone speakers beyond its limits and above the last crank, to deliver a valuable extra. It has a shake-and-change-the-music-feature that works.”

With that, she picked up the phone as if to check the things that I was saying. I let her. Then she took a picture of me. I didn’t see it coming.

P5 mini 1

“This is quite clear!” She was surprised. “The camera is so clear.”

“Is it?” I asked and continued “With a 5megapixel rear camera and a 2-megapixel front camera, the Gionee P5 Mini does way better than other phones within this range. From the automatic face beauty that operates in its selfie camera to the automatic LED flash that is attached to the rear camera.”

She took one or two selfies and then her facial expression nudged me to go on.

“With four processors (quad core), multitasking is the new normal. The fully charged battery of the Gionee P5 Mini can hold up to 1800 (mAh) milliampere hour of charge. Combined with a lot of smart power management options, you can always be in power especially on the “extreme mode” where power consumption comes close to a standstill while keeping only the vitals of calls, message, clock and contacts alive.”

“I love the phone and I love you.”

Launched only last week, Gionee’s newest phone model, the P5mini is already making a name for itself and gathering momentum in all the spaces where phones play. An excellent combination of technology and elegance, the P5 Mini can be as flashy as it can be discrete, as loud as it can be silent; deliberately designed to fit occasions and it is available at Konga on http://www.konga.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=gionee&is_konga=1

Weight: 153g
Colours: Black, White and Blue

4.5 FW once on-cell display
854 x 480 pixels

Battery: 1800mAh

Autofocus LED flash
2Mpxl sub-camera

Internal memory 8GB ROM+1GB RAM

Micro USB 2.0
Dual SIM standby

Phone Features
Chipset MT6580M (1.3GHz Quad core)
Android 5.0
Amigo 3.1

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