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A concerned citizen has created a petition on advocating for Nigerians to receive payments on PayPal. Two years ago, there was a petition for PayPal to extend its services to Nigeria and that was pretty successfulThis new one hopes to make another difference by influencing PayPal to reconsider.

Right now, Nigerians can only make payments on Paypal. Before that, they couldn’t even have accounts. Petitioning seems to be the way.

What inspired our dear citizen is the fact that she qualified for a job but couldn’t proceed because the company pays via PayPal only. Obviously this was frustrating for her. So she decided to be the front-runner of the change she wanted to see.

The internet presents an opportunity for everyone to be a part of a global community where you can earn money legitimately provided you’re qualified and able to work. This hope is blurred for most Nigerians because we currently can’t receive money via the most popular payment platform.

That’s from the heartfelt petition that goes further to implore PayPal to reassess the situation. Yes, there are other alternatives (like Payoneer) and yes, you can bypass the PayPal system via proxies.  But first of all, not many (other) online transfer platforms are recognised by businesses. Secondly, it really would be nice (not to mention easier) if we could use Paypal services the legit way.

I’m sure a lot of us have faced barriers as a result of PayPal limitations, so we can understand where she’s coming from.

Right now, the petition has 8 supporters and needs 92 more to reach its goal of 100 supporters. If you want to join this movement that will influence PayPal to finally enable Nigerians accept funds, sign here.

Tola Agunbiade Author

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