We posted pictures from the Radar Offline event. But some of them were so good that they deserved to be made into memes.

We’re not particularly good at this meme stuff…not as good as these people…so don’t smirk at what we came up with. Here goes nothing.

No Wi-Fi? How can you?

Radar Meme 9

We can only assume that it was really good news

Radar Meme 12

This is a next level startup idea, bruh…

Radar Meme 1

We didn’t come here to play

Radar Meme 8

He clearly didn’t get the unspoken startup dress code stereotype memo

Radar Meme 7

Chuba is not impressed

Radar Meme 10

PS: WordPress is GREAT for rapid prototypes and MVPs. Stash the pitchforks, lol.

Ehen, wait…

Meme 14
We really wanted to know.

Now it’s your turn! Make cool jokes (don’t be mean) featuring your friends on Radar. We’ve made the blank image canvasses available here for you to choose from. Download, caption, and upload to the comments section. Don’t forget to tag TechCabal if you share to Twitter so we can RT it. Enjoy!

Tola Agunbiade Author

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