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Last week, we announced that the preview for a new animated series from Genii Games was in the offing. Well, it’s out now on YouTube. The series is called B.O.L.A (Book Of Language Awesomeness) and so far, it looks good.

Basically, the series is about a group of people who are trying to protect an ancient artifact from an evil cyborg. Okay, that’s just my shoddy way of describing it. Here’s the official synopsis –

B.O.L.A, the Book of Language Awesomeness, is the single most important relic that holds our African Languages together. To protect it from the villain, Trick, the elders led by Sultan have hidden it away from Trick’s prying eyes. The clues to its location lie in another artifact, the Map of Ages. Trick desperately wants the book and will do anything to have the map even centuries after. Hope may yet lie in Ewa (7) and Tughu (8)

That’s enough talk for now. You should watch it.

Tola Agunbiade Author

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