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Over the weekend, CcHub hosted a #BuildForMyCity hackathon at their new hub, re:learn centre, in Abuja. The hackathon was for different teams to come up with ideas that can improve living conditions in the Federal Capital Territory.

The hackathon ran from June 10 to June 12, 2016 and 7 teams were formed with ideas solving problems in transportation, customer service, finance and education. The teams were:

  • ‪Escalate‬ – a platform for citizens to find solutions to problems by mobilising public opinion.
  • ‪AbujaAlong‬ – a transport management solution for low-end transport in Abuja.
  • ‪FYI‬ – a directory for micro-businesses (suya sellers, barbers, etc) in Abuja.
  • ‪AbujaAnswers‬ – a question & answer service that provides localised information to Abuja residents.
  • ‪Thrifty‬ – a financial technology platform that helps Abuja residents save money..
  • i‪SabiWork‬ – a community for blue & white collar freelancers in Abuja.
  • ‪EasyLearn‬ – a learning & revision platform for Abuja students.

The #BuildForMyCity pitch event took place yesterday and all teams presented the ideas they had developed the previous two days.

AbujaAnswers won the pitch round with Thrifty coming second place and iSabiWork coming third.

If you’d like to have a #BuildForMyCity hackathon and see solutions developed for your neighbourhood, you can apply to host one.

Source – Facebook

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