Gionee M5 4

The Gionee M5 Plus is not just a new addition to the Gionee Family; it is an ingenious plus to the world of smartphones. Get ready to be blown away by the features of the new Gionee M5 Plus.

Let’s take a peek into what the M5 Plus has got to offer


• 5,000mAh Battery

• 6.0 Inch full HD Amoled Display
• 64GB ROM expandable to 128GB

• 13 MP rear camera and 5MP front camera
• Octa Core Processor 1.3GHZ
• Andriod 5.1, G- Sensor, Light Sensor, E-Compass
• Dual Micro Sim capabilities

Now, to the box.

I can’t wait, are you as excited as I am?Gionee M5 1

Gionee M5 2

There is a seal, a strong one at that.

Alas! Here we have our Gionee M5 Plus box,Gionee M5 3Feels good and solid, doesn’t it?

I think it’s high time we opened our boxGionee M5 4

Gionee M5 5And here’s the much anticipated GIONEE M5 PLUS PHONE.

Wow! Look at what we have.Gionee M5 6This logo looks like a smiley right? Then it means this phone will make you smile.

Ok, on a more serious note, Gionee was created to make smiles hence, the logo.
We have our warranty card, manuals, screen protector, transparent back case, charger, USB type C cable, ear piece, ejector pin and…Gionee M5 7

Oh! This has to be the most beautiful pouch yet.Gionee M5 8

Now back to the Gionee phone, Symmetric curved design and 8.4mm slim body.Gionee M5 9

More space to track fingerprint. It also unlocks phone within 0.1 seconds and has a safe box that houses contacts, calls, messages, files, pictures, etc, accessible by fingerprint.

Gionee M5 10

The 3.5mm audio jack and type C, USB portGionee M5 11

The 5MP front camera and the fingerprint sensor by the sideGionee M5 12
Centralized camera design, 13 MP with LED flashGionee M5 13

The Speaker vent at the bottomGionee M5 14

A pinhole for the SD card on the rightGionee M5 15

And on the left an ejector pin hole that houses the Sim card.Gionee M5 16

6.0 inches Full AMOLED displayGionee M5 17

Gionee M5 18

Oops!!! The battery is non-removable. The Gionee M5 Plus has a powerful 5020 Milli Ampere battery which means even with heavy usage, a single charge can last for as long as three days making it the perfect phone for everyday adventures.

The 3GB Ram and 64GB ROM space on the Gionee M5 Plus is simply excellent. It serves as a reliable reservoir for unending content and ensures that every application installed achieves optimum performance.

The Gionee M5 Plus is definitely a phone that delivers the best of both worlds. It is a smartphone with incredible features enjoyable for the longer period of time.

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