The Seedstars World team are currently in Accra to find the best seed stage startup that’ll represent Ghana at the Seedstars World Summit in Switzerland this year, and they’ve chosen 10 startups to pitch at the finals happening at Impact Hub this Sunday, August 21, 2016.

As with all Seedstars startups, the startups chosen are less than 2 years old, have raised less than $500,000 in funding, have an MVP, traction, and can scale. Without further ado, here they are:

  • Chalkboard Education: A startup that offers plug-and-play mobile learning solutions that work on any device and without Internet connection.
  • Cocktail Insights: A social media analytics and marketing tool that enables eCommerce businesses and merchants maximise the returns of their social media marketing.
  • GoSun Stove: A startup that develops clean, safe and practical fuel-free cooking technology to feed the world, while bolstering energy independence and social equity.
  • HQ Renewable Tech: A startup dedicated to bringing dead and neglected solar and automotive batteries to life.
  • Krinotech Solutions: Developers of MobiSave, a web and native mobile application that helps users to save and invest money while making regular calls from their devices
  • Landmapp: A platform that offers affordable land rights documentation for smallholder farmers, and builds accurate data profiles to broker additional services.
  • Nubian Oryx: Low-cost, low-carbon urban housing in African cities using sustainable earthbag building technology.
  • Swappaholics: A platform for individuals and businesses to connect and swap products and services in a social setting without needing money.
  • SynCommerce: SynCommerce provides you an effective and easy to use tool to manage and synchronize inventory and orders across multiple sales channels.
  • TECHAiDE: An all-in one content delivery system that is a low-power, durable device that reaches low-income, Internet free places in the World.

Attendance to the event is free and you can register here if you’re interested.

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