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One problem a lot of Nigerian businesses face is how to get to potential customers without spending loads of money. Attracting online attention is no easy thing and what’s to say your ad won’t be some pesky site feature that barely makes it into a user’s subconscious? The trick is to get an ad service that can meet your target customers where they are, and this is where Dochase Ads comes in.

Launched in 2015 by a team led by Chibuike Goodnews and Saint-Germain Onwukeme, Dochase provides a solution, for both businesses who need to drive sales, brand awareness and application usage, and governments who need to create public enlightenment. They do this using their “Programmatic Adexchange technology” that helps ad networks reach the right customers on both mobile and desktop, thereby driving online sales and app installations.

With features like real-time biding, targeting precision (using geo targeting, device targeting, user behavior and browser history), user-friendly dashboards, and native advertising, Dochase helps businesses attract customers, boost online sales and increase web traffic.

Right now, Dochase serves over 1000 corporate customers (made up of international ad networks, direct advertisers, news websites and blogs) and delivers more than 180 million ad views on both mobile and desktop.

If you want to find out more, check out this video where Chibuike breaks down the entire Dochase process.

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