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Facebook Developer Circles is organising a meetup at CcHub tomorrow, September 17, 2016,  and they want you to clear your calendar (well, if you’re a developer, at least). The meetup is starting at 11am and it will go on until 3pm.

What’s happening there – Developers in groups of at most 6 (coached by at least one experienced developer) building with GraphQL and RelayJS on Messenger bots and ReactJS; discussions on open source and how to drive it in Lagos; and the unveiling of, a site built by the developer community to preserve African proverbs.

Who’s going to be there – Osmond Oranagwa (Rails, GoLang,  Full Stack Developer), Oluwakamiye Adelemoni (Mobile Developer), Ogbara Sofien Godwin (Rails, API Team Lead, Messenger bots), and Oyebanji Pyjac Jacob (Python, PHP, Messenger Bot Dev team Lead).

Sessions will not be limited to Facebook tools (they’ll also address underlying software design principles) and group projects will be on what was discussed.

If you’ve cleared your calendar for this meetup, proceed to register here.

Tola Agunbiade Author

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