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Tanzanian health insurance startup, Jamii, is the winner of this year’s Seedstars Dar Es Salaam which happened over the weekend at Buni Hub. This is the first time Seedstars is picking a female-led startup in Africa.

Jamii is a mobile micro-health insurance company that provides low-cost health insurance to the demographic at the bottom of the pyramid.

In the words of Jamii founder and CEO, Lillian Makoi, “Jamii is determined to save lives and enable over 47 million Tanzanians afford health insurance, our plan is to fully utilise the exposure, mentorship and potential funding from Seed stars to achieve this missions.”

Colifly, a drone medicine delivery company came in second and EcoAct Tanzania, a company that transforms post consumer plastic waste into plastic environmentally friendly plastic lumbers, came in third. The other startups that were at the event are PHS (Geek Technologies Limited), Mitikaz Inc., Planbook Inc, Scancode (T) Limited, MCA Technologies, A-Trader (Andrea Consultin and Kilimo Info.

Talking about the event, Selam Kebede, Associate at Seedstars World said, “The startup ecosystem in Tanzania has been growing exponentially and so does the quality of the startups themselves. We have been very humbled by the talent showcased at the event last Saturday and we are extremely happy and proud to bring our first female african entrepreneur to the global stage.”

As expected, Jamii is going to represent Tanzania at the Seedstars World Summit in 2017. Seedstars’ next stop is Kampala and they’ll be at Outbox Hub to select the best startup in Uganda on Friday, September 30, 2016.

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