Following its recent relaunch and rebrand from Slushpay a few months ago, payments startup, Amplify has launched two new campaigns to help Nigerian businesses with recurring and cardless payments.

The first one is called the  Zero Transaction Charge campaign, where no transaction charges will be applied on businesses that sign up on Amplify, and go live between October 12 and November 30, 2016.

Amplify has also released a new feature called PASS (Payouts and Automated Settlements System), that caters to businesses who want to split their settlements into different and accounts. It also allows businesses to make bulk payments to partners and customers.

Describing the motive behind the campaigns, Amplify CEO, Segun Adeyemi, said, “Considering the current economic situation, this is Amplify’s way of helping to support new and growing Nigerian business. We hope this promotion will encourage more businesses to finally automate their collections and leverage electronic payment channels.”

The Zero Transaction Charge Promo is available to both new and existing customers. For new customers, all you have to do is:

  • Sign up using any of the codes, 3XSD34, 23XSD34, 23XSD35, 13X0D35, or C310P3X.
  • Set up a simple payment collection form or integrate with Amplify APIs.
  • Update Know Your Customer (KYC) information and account details and then request to go live

If you’re a user in Demo Mode, you should:

  • Set up a simple payment collection form or integrate with the Amplify API if you have already signed up but haven’t gone live.
  • Update your KYC information and account details and request to go live.

All these steps have to be completed between October 12 and November 30, 2016, though.

Even though the name has changed before, the goal still remains the same – provide seamless recurring payments solutions for Nigerian business. It would seem as if businesses in Nigeria can not catch a break with the ongoing economic shenanigans.  Amplify observed that and has launched these two new campaigns to support them.

Loretta Adamu Author

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