BlueBic is an edtech startup that wants to do as all tech startups do, change the way an already established system works. The system in this case is the way nursery, primary and secondary schools operate.

The guys at BlueBic built a software that automates the processes involved in running a school on a day to day basis. It will make the flow of information between students, teachers, administrators and parents in a school as seamless as possible.

It is common knowledge that the lower tiers of our educational sector have not quite leveled up with the rest of the world as regards tech deployment in their daily operations. Grades and assessments are still being carried out manually, and report cards are sent out on printed paper. As for some institutions who do want to move on from this stage, there are several factors holding them back. These factors include the cost of upgrade, the complexity of existing tools, the challenges of moving from a paper based system, unreliability/poor-fit of existing tools, lack of technical know-how etc.

BlueBic founders, Chukwuyem Obima and Favourite Onwuemene, noticed the challenges that school administrators go through when dealing with these in-house IT solutions. They decided to build an enterprise resource programme (ERP) software that will do this work for the school admin. The software allows you feed in your school data, and then helps you manage these data in the most efficient way.


BlueBic has not been launched officially, but they were kind enough to send us a demo version in advance, and I checked it out.  It has all the information that a school administrator or parent would like to have access to. The app also includes a search bar that allows you to go straight to the student record you want to find. It was very user-friendly and quite flexible. The platform has already been in use in several schools, and glowing testimonials from both parents and school administrators can be found on the site.

The software is fully decked out with sections that cut across all aspects of a school’s educational needs. There are tabs and in some cases, sub-tabs, for students, employees, gradebook, fees management, online fee payment, report processing, assessment management, events, attendance and subjects.

BlueBic says they’re on a mission to improve efficiency, quality of education and reduce cost of operation, while increasing revenue by making innovative ICT solutions accessible and affordable to all schools.

I think they’re well on their way.

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