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Gocowork is a new app that helps you locate coworking spaces, and it just launched  in South Africa.

The app was created by Content Pepper and Malva in partnership with Coworking SA. Gocowork is available for Android and iOS devices. It uses geolocation technology to find these spaces, and includes the details of every coworking space in South Africa in its directory.

Coworking spaces have become common across Africa, and more than one can be found in any major city in the continent. While their existence is acknowledged, finding out more about them would require either a visit to each website or location. Gocowork provides a one-stop solution to this problem. There is also the added benefit of discovering new coworking spaces.

New coworking spaces that are not already listed in the directory can upload their details to the app. This would require a simple process of signing into the site here, and updating their details. Pictures of these spaces can also be uploaded.

Loretta Adamu Author

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