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It’s official – Metta Nairobi has opened its doors to Kenyan entrepreneurs and investors. In a ceremony that happened over the weekend, the entrepreneurship community launched its Nairobi members-only space that’s located in Riverside Drive

Metta is an entrepreneurs’ club, backed by Nest, that connects people, ideas and resources. They do this by creating a community through their events and workshops.

Metta is built upon three founding principles –  community, live events and a space entrepreneurs can call home. It brings startups, innovators, influencers, and companies from around the world closer together and support them on their path to success.

Nairobi is the second city to host Metta, the first being Hong Kong which launched in May 2016. According to Metta, “Kenya is on the frontline of innovation and entrepreneurship. Despite the creative and driven talent in Nairobi, significant difficulties remain for entrepreneurs. Mettā is built to connect the dots in the startup ecosystem but ultimately is here to provide startups and entrepreneurs with access and resources needed to succeed.”

So far, Metta Nairobi has hosted 66 events, averaging about 2 a day and 22 a month. Following this launch, the goal is to move that number up to 30 events per month.

If you’re an entrepreneur in Nairobi, and you’re interested in becoming a Metta member, you can do that here.

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