8. OLX Nigeria has partnered with Computer Warehouse Group to offer its merchants SME resource planning software

The free Small and Medium Enterprise resource planning software (SMERP) was built by Computer Warehouse Group (CWG) and it will help SMEs manage their businesses more efficiently. OLX merchants will be able to use the free (for now) software to manage inventory, marketing, finance and distribution and human resources.

Read all about it here.


7. Here are the 5 Zambian startups that just graduated from Bongo Hive’s Launch accelerator program

Agrisave, Butali House, Bwangu Print, Estrian Consulting Services and Teejays Business Solutions have graduated from the third edition of Bongo Hive’s accelerator program. During the program, they receiving training from mentors and accountants in addition to legal counsel for their businesses. Applications are currently open for the 2017 edition of the accelerator program.

More information here.


6. Kenyan startup, Illuminium Greenhouses, has been awarded $10,000 after winning the regional Ericsson Innovation Awards 2016

Illuminium Greenhouses came out tops with their smart greenhouse concept that uses sensors and mobile technology. They will now go on to compete at the Ericsson global Innovation Awards happening in early 2017.

Read all about it here.


5. Innoventures has launched a $1.6 million fund for Egyptian startups

The SME accelerator launched the $1.6 million fund to provide funding for worthy entrepreneurs in Egypt. Two new partners will be joining Innoventures to help administer the fund and plans to open two new innovation spaces around Egypt was also announced.

More information here.


4. Mealimeter has won Cranium One’s offer of one-month free working space in Lagos

Remember that last month, Cranium One offered one lucky startup free working space in their coworking hub for one month as part of its corporate social responsibility. Adekunle Jinadu and his mealimeter team have been selected as winners of the competition. Mealimeter is a meal delivery and nutrition advisory service operating in Lagos and they are currently the process of YCombinator interviews.


3. Geeks and non-geeks alike are invited to VEXPO’s Comics and Coffee event happening in Lagos this Sunday

The event will feature coffee and other refreshments, comics, virtual reality, gaming and animation showcases, an outdoor media conference and an evening picnic. Entry is free and it kicks off at 12 noon on Sunday, December 18, 2016.

More information is here.


2. Come January 2017, Andela will be receiving the US Secretary of State’s Award for Corporate Excellence (ACE)

The ACE is usually given to U.S. companies representing American values in their business practices worldwide and since Andela is US-based, it qualified for the award. Techloy reports that Andela won the “Award for Corporate Excellence in Small or Medium Enterprise.” It will receive its award at the annual ACE ceremony on January 5, 2017.

Read more on it here.


1. SA’s OurHood has raised new funding to help its national expansion drive

According to Disrupt Africa, the local neighbourhood network has raised an undisclosed amount in funding from Johannesburg-based investors which the startup will use to expand across the country.

Read all about it here.

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