Imagine leaving your house at 6:00am to pay your “NEPA” bill only to be greeted by a queue that would make 3rd mainland bridge jealous. 45 minutes later not only are your knees starting to ache, but the anxiety steadily grows as you realize that you’ll need to explain to your boss why you’re late. Again.

Just the thought of you having to go through this long process every single month has made relocating to your village that more attractive.

Thankfully this doesn’t have to be your life, you can just Paga it”.

If you’re reading this now, you probably agree that paying your electricity bill online is the most convenient way to handle it. You never have to stand in any queue, simply use your computer or phone and sort out your bill in minutes.

Paga’s electricity bill service is here to make your life easier with the most hassle-free process for paying your prepaid & postpaid electricity bills. No worries about the discomfort of rushing to the nearest “NEPA” office; with Paga, you can do it from your home, office or even on the go with various payments options at your convenience. What’s more awesome is you can set up a recurring payment so you never have to miss a payment again!

Your Preferred Electricity Providers are Available on Paga

More coming soon.

You’re probably wondering, “How do I pay my electricity bill with Paga?”
You can pay your electricity bill effortlessly in just 3 easy steps. Simply head to or the Paga Android app and

  1. Select your required service (prepaid or post paid)
  2. Enter all necessary personal details
  3. Choose to pay with value in your Paga account or debit card, confirm the transaction

..and you’re done!

No need to spends hours in searching for a “NEPA” office round town, simply get your electricity bills paid on, the Paga Android app or dial *242#.

And that’s not all
In the spirit of the season, Paga is offering you (yes YOU!) cashback on PayTV & Mobile data payments. Buy data, pay for your DStv(, GOtv( or StarTimes( with Paga and instantly get 5% cashback in your Paga account.

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