German company Robert Bosch GmbH on the 21st of April 2018, hosted a grand event at the Ikeja city mall which heralded the entry of the revolutionary Bosch Go automatic screwdrivers into the Nigerian Market. All were welcome to the event as it hosted a series of activities that not only created excitement but also fostered interaction with the Bosch Go automatic screwdriver.

What is Bosch Go?

‘Bosch GO’ automatic screwdriver is a perfect tool for screwing tasks, it is not only cordless but also has a very compact design that makes it very easy to use. ‘Bosch GO’ is the smart screwdriver where a simple push gets the work done and it is intelligent E-clutch system knows when to stop on reaching the target torque. The strong spindle lock closes the gap between manual and automatic operation helping users to stop impending work on demand.

Bosch GO is powered by a lithium-ion battery and is compact & easy to carry around anytime, anywhere. The tool is designed to be as close to the shape and size of a manual screwdriver in order to help the Indian user leapfrog from manual effort to effortless working with minimal discomfort. With the smart screwdriver, you no longer need to worry about the misaligned screws since it has excellent precision. ‘A simple push, A perfect finish’ perfectly suits the Bosch GO.

What are the features of Bosch Go?

Bosch Go is 4 times more powerful than any existing screwdriver in size and form. It has a lot of interesting features, some of them are:

Push and Go – Just push to drive screws (Push & Go). It’s as simple as that.

1-6 Torque settings – There are 6 torque settings that lets you get the job done at a speed you need and based on the surface in question.

USB Charging – The battery lasts quite long and unlike other products marked can be charged via USB. You can every use your external battery pack if you run out of juice. You also get a battery indicator. How cool is that?

Multiple modes – It offers you multiple modes to screw or unscrew or simply use the product as a manual screwdriver.

Electronic cell protection – Safety is crucial for Bosch and they have kept it in mind for their product. In case Bosch Go gets over-heated, the built-in electronic cell protection will automatically stop the product from functioning avoiding any damage.

e-Clutch – Make it possible to control speeds and also ensures that the device works as per your command. It stops when you want it to stop!

33 bits and extension – The kits contains 32 different bits to enable usage with all kinds of screws along with an extension to improve visibility along with reach.

Lightweight – The tool weighs just 0.28 kg making it super handy and easy to carry around.

Users are also invited to another exciting event to be held on Saturday, 28th of April 2018 at the Palms shopping mall, Lekki. All are most welcome to come experience the exceptional Bosch Go cordless automatic screwdriver first-hand.

Bosch Go is now available in Nigeria with superior after sales service. Click on link to find a dealer closest to you.

Bosch is a reputable international engineering company renowned for producing high quality and sustainable engineering alternatives for almost all aspects of the extensive field.

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