Every subscriber desires a network that guarantees them clear voice calls, affordable and fast internet services that support high-quality live streaming, gaming, uploads, and downloads. The average customer also expects network providers to offer a wide variety of innovative and customer-focused services, and any network which meets up with these needs is considered to be empowering its subscribers to succeed. 

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9mobile is a network that understands the role that high-quality telecommunications services can play in the lives of its subscribers and continues to demonstrate a strong commitment to providing fast and reliable services to its customers.  The executives at 9mobile have highlighted low latency as a critical measure of the company network’s quality, and some people might be wondering what latency means. Latency is the amount of waiting time before a transfer of data begins following an instruction for its transfer. In simple terms, when you click on a picture, latency is the amount of time it takes before you can view the image. If it takes a shorter time, that means the network has low latency, which every customer expects.

This explanation demonstrates to subscribers on 9mobile’s network that it is, indeed, a low latency network, and this is a result of calculated efforts by the company. A close look to determine how 9mobile has been able to maintain it’s widely acknowledged high-quality network shows a number of things.

Firstly, 9mobile identified the provision of high-quality services as a way of differentiating its network from those of its competitors early on and invested in the deployment of infrastructure and services to achieve this. For instance, the operator laid thousands of kilometers of fiber optic cables around the country to enable it to provide high-speed, high capacity broadband to its customers.

In addition to its impressive fiber optic cable deployment, 9mobile ensured that it made adequate buffers (referred to as redundancies by techies) available to ensure the seamless continuity of services on its network in the event of a failure on the major fiber optic cable systems which connect Nigeria and many other West African countries to Europe. 

Secondly, it was discovered that on 9mobile’s network, enhancement across the various RAN technologies is a continuous process that is designed to address network congestion and improve user experience.  

Thirdly, 9mobile is currently undertaking an ambitious 4G revolution on its network through the deployment of hundreds of new 4G sites in various locations across the country and the upgrading of existing sites to address congestion as part of deliberate efforts to reduce latency and offer customers a superior experience. This project will enable subscribers in 16 cities across Nigeria experience, 9mobile’s famed 4G network quality for the first time. Cities like Enugu, Sokoto, Owerri, Eket, Sagamu, Aba, Abuja, Awka, Kaduna, Kano, Onitsha, Uyo, and Zaria can look forward to a data transformation in a matter of weeks.

9mobile is the only Nigerian network that provides customers with 4G-ready SIM cards, which require no SIM Swaps or upgrades to enable them to access 4G services, thereby affording them unlimited access to quality service at all times. 

Delivering a high-quality network does not happen by chance since it is the product of a deliberate commitment to investment in best-in-class telecommunications infrastructure and operational excellence. It is no surprise that 9mobile’s data network has become the network of choice for companies and individuals requiring fast, affordable internet services. For example, most ATMs and POS machines in Nigeria run on 9mobile’s network, and subscribers and gamers enjoy 9mobile’s network when playing online video games as the low latency gives them the advantage of a faster response time which is often the difference between winning and losing in online gaming.

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