Banking has evolved over the years and the industry now abundantly relies on web-based applications for providing services to customers. With more and more people increasingly glued to connected devices, banks that hope to compete in today’s market must focus on digital channels.

One of the pillars of a digital strategy is having a website that serves as the face of a company on the internet and its first virtual touchpoint. But in the digital age, just rolling out a website with a visual style and design stuck in the 90s does not cut it. Consumers have high expectations when it comes to online experience, so banks must find a way to offer the best digital experience possible. Hence the importance of having a unique site with world-class design and functionality.

If there’s any bank that understands this so well, it’s First Bank of Nigeria Limited, the West African premier financial inclusion services provider. Established over a century127 years ago, FirstBank continues to evolve, successfully adopting the latest technology and embracing innovation in delivering seamless banking solutions to its customers across the world. The bank recently launched a newly-designed corporate website that fits right in with its quest to be Africa’s bank of first choice – even when it comes to banking on digital channels.

From online banking, loan calculator to customer support, here are some standout features of the new FirstBank website:

Designed for Banking on the Go

The new FirstBank website has a simple yet striking and modern design in a fresh, magazine-style look that promotes access to essential information for its customers, FirstMonie agents, prospective agents and the public.

The site leverages the bank’s brand colors to attract attention to certain areas. FirstBank uses its blue color on the call-to-action buttons, with the backdrop remaining mostly gold. This makes them stand out from the other menu items and brings user attention to where it matters most without overwhelming visitors.

More importantly, the website is designed from a mobile-first standpoint, which is responsive, considering increased usage of mobile devices compared to desktop computers. With this design, the FirstBank website reformats to fit the screen of whatever device the visitor is using to view it and allows users the flexibility to conduct business wherever they may be.

Intuitive site navigation

When people visit their institution’s website, it is not because they are looking for somewhere to spend their extra time. They are often seeking help and want to get to things quickly. FirstBank offers a wide array of financial services for a varied customer base, which can make it difficult to maintain a clean and easily navigated website. But the new platform – with a simple and clearly labeled navigation – allows users and potential customers to find exactly what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

One of the core strengths of the new website is prominent links to top pages. The homepage begins with a prominent header that displays clear visual and clickable options that direct users to the main categories of Personal Banking, Business Banking & Private Banking and features a clear link to FirstBank’s Contact/Customer Service page with alternate ways for visitors to seek help, such as email and phone. 

Moving down the homepage provides visitors with easy navigation for common prospect needs, represented with icons and calls to action. On the new website, these include Open Account, Agency Banking, Find a Branch, Loan Calculator, etc. The intuitive and user-friendly upgrade guides customers to make well-informed decisions about their financial needs, whatever they are.

Easy Access to Online Banking

In the digital age, a bank is less likely to be considered by younger generations if it does not have online banking. And for banks that do offer online banking, they have to make it easy for consumers to find and use. On its new website, FirstBank puts an obvious button to online banking in top navigation so visitors know exactly where to go. The ‘Online Banking’ login/enrollment call-to-action is placed at the top of every page, easing the digital experience for existing customers.

Separate Product Pages with Strong Calls-to-Action

The FirstBank website has unique secondary pages for every product, and clear calls-to-action for people to be able to navigate to those pages. Across all pages, the main image rotates displaying a variety of themes in line with the banking category and each contains easy-to-navigate dropdown menus, with a simple, straightforward, and detailed breakdown of the bank’s products by the problem that they solve for individuals and businesses. From the product pages, a visitor can easily know how to get or sign up for the product or service they are interested in.

Online Account Opening 

A bank can’t be open all day, but its website can be. Knowing that some potential customers do not live by its operating hours, FirstBank offers banking on their terms through the website. 

A standout feature of the new website is that it enables online applications and the ability to submit personal information securely. That makes it easy for interested visitors to open an account, offering a clear start to their banking journey. 

Tools and Content that Empower Customers

Every user experience begins with a goal in mind and the new FirstBank website empowers its customers by providing a wide array of financial information and tools that meet customers needs, whatever they are. Among many actions, users can perform various transactions – make payments, transfer money, manage accounts, buy airtime, calculate loan rates and virtually interact with the bank – without stepping out of their comfort zone.

The site also serves as a library to keep customers abreast of various financial services solutions and offers intriguing content that is relevant to FirstBank’s varied customer base – such as how-to guides that educate consumers on better managing their money and making the best financial decisions,  thereby helping them to improve their economic and social wellbeing, as well as unique blog articles/insights on enterprise scaling, global trade and navigating the Covid-19 pandemic, targeted at corporate clients.

Location Finder

One of the most intriguing features of the new FirstBank website is its Location Finder, where visitors can browse locations of the bank’s branches and Firstmonie Agents. The feature allows users to search based on their radius or address and helps them find the FirstBank branch that’s closest to them and best fits their needs. The branch locator is interactive and integrated with Google Maps API, which makes it easier for the visitor to browse the locations.

Overall, FirstBank gets it right when it comes to usability, understanding its customers’ needs and expectations, and website navigation behavior while creating a beautiful site that employs some of the latest trends in responsive web design, with exceptional user experience and a perfect mix of exciting features.

With the new FirstBank website, customers are at an edge in the industry as they establish a relationship with the Bank that puts YOU, its customers, First.
You can visit the new FirstBank website here.

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