This Friday, May 28th at 11 am, Tomiwa Aladekomo, CEO, Big Cabal Media will be speaking with Adeoluwa Akomolafe – Chief Information Security Officer, Wema Bank; Daniel Osineye – Co-founder and CTO, Evolve Credit and Joseph Onyema – Group Chief Information Officer at United Capital Group; Sophina Kio-Lawson, Co-founder at SheSecures and Nick Maxwell – General Manager, Ava Security (UK, MEA & ANZ). 

Adeoluwa, Daniel, Joseph, Sophina and Nick will be discussing how you can protect your organization and customers from online fraud.

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Every year, there’s an increase in the number of people connected to the internet, but this means there’s also a corresponding increase in the number of people who are susceptible to cyberattacks. In some countries, these attacks come at a very high cost. 

This reduces the level of trust people have in the internet or systems that use the internet. For instance, when it comes to savings, some people prefer not to save their money in traditional banks; and trusting their savings with a fintech company would probably be their last option. 

And that’s only one example– there’s a lot of customer data scattered across other tech-enabled services. Losing your money is perhaps the least harmful way cyber fraud can harm you. 

Firstly, your data could be used to carry out illegal activities which could put you in even more trouble. Secondly, your company’s trade secrets or other sensitive business data could be leaked to the public. You could lose your good reputation in a blink.

There’s a lot of work to be done to improve cybersecurity measures, and the work of improving these measures isn’t the sole responsibility of tech companies. In our present digital age, traditional sectors like oil and gas need new and more effective ways to protect their customers from cyber fraud, too. 

An estimated $103.1bn was spent on security-related software, hardware and services in 2019 and this spending is expected to increase to $133.8bn by 2022. However, improving cybersecurity measures will not only involve spending more on security but also making it a part of the company culture. Every employee should have a role to play in keeping the organization safe. 

Tomorrow at 11 am on TechCabal Live, we will be discussing with Adeoluwa, Daniel, Joseph, Sophina and Nick about some of the best practices they’ve picked up in the course of their careers. 

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Adeoluwa is a skilled Information Security Professional. He has built a career spanning about 20 years in the field and has honed his expertise in some of the world’s leading organizations, including Barclays, Brown Shipley and the British Council. 

Daniel is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Evolve Credit, a loan and financial products marketplace. He is responsible for building the backend infrastructure, driving product roadmap, leading the technical team and driving company strategy. 

Over the past year, Joseph led the United Capital Group of companies to transition to a 100% remote work structure due to the COVID limitation while improving services and automation, leading to a 61% growth in revenue for the year ended 2020, with customers transacting seamlessly and securely.

Sophina is a cybersecurity professional currently working with a leading financial services firm. She has in previous years worked on providing digital and holistic security support to various marginalized communities and NGOs across Nigeria and Africa at large. She also collaborated on creating digital security guides to such organisations and communities to stay safe.

Nick Maxwell is a cybersecurity and networking industry professional with a passion for learning, working and creating a better understanding of the concerns and needs of clients and partners, across several regions in a variety of verticals. He has over 13 years experience in the technology industry and has worked for multinational, leading technology companies. 

Attendees will be able to ask the speakers questions in an interactive session.

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Boluwatife Sanwo Author

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