In a bid to improve healthcare through better patient medical record management, Interswitch has relaunched its healthcare data management system, eClinic, though its healthcare arm, eClat. 

eClat is an innovative health-tech solutions provider and subsidiary of the Interswitch Group.

eClinic is an electronic medical records (EMR) solution that takes hospital records from fragmented paper form to digital form and automates patient data record handling. With eClinic, healthcare providers are able to access and analyze patient data from a central database.

What this means is that patients whose healthcare provider is integrated with eClinic will no longer have to go through the process of waiting for their records to be found manually and distributed to every medical practitioner at every station, but instead, with eclinic’s one patient-one record architecture, their records are already available at every station and every process from consultation, to testing, to prescription is automated. 

eClinic comes with a unique patient identifier system in place to inform medical practitioners at every stage of patient care from awaiting consultation, attended to and booked, emergency care, to scheduled tests and drug prescriptions.

It ensures patient safety, reduces cost, improves efficiency, data management and data integrity, and ensures faster service delivery.

Speaking to a room of journalists at the event, Dr Wallace Ogufere, Chief Executive Officer of eClat stated that the introduction of eClinic’s health-tech solution would improve efficiency on both ends of healthcare delivery.

“Our focus revolves around the provision of value to both the demand and supply sides of healthcare institutions that provide healthcare services and patients who seek these services. Through eClinic, we are integrating inventory keeping, efficient service delivery, sales and accounts receivables into one platform. By doing so, the service delivery process is streamlined, and productivity is boosted.”

This relaunch is the culmination of efforts to improve this innovative digital solution. With this relaunch eClinic has been made more intuitive and integrated with artificial intelligence. This intuitiveness means that not only will patient data now be stored, it’ll also be analyzed by artificial intelligence (AI). 

This means that unlike in traditional hospitals with analogue records where there are oversights from doctors and missing information sometimes, with eclat’s eClinic, AI analyzes patient information and takes healthcare practitioners through the accurate step-by-step process of consultation and helps with diagnosis, so there are no oversights or missing information. 

eClinic also now has a better user interface and while most EMRs systems focus mainly on general medicine, eClinic is now able to cater to specialist healthcare from oncology to IVF care and the rest. eClinic automates the patient pathway from start to finish and is now integrated with medical and insurance billing and a payment system through Interswitch which acquired 60% of Eclat’s holdings. 

Other features include, inventory and stock keeping, patient appointment and queue management, assets management, integration to third-party systems via API, quick messaging and notification, medical coding, backup and multi-location support and a host of other features. This means patients will now receive improved medical care when they walk into their healthcare center. 

For health providers, eClinic also offers hardware support, excellent after-sales technical support, a paperless solution to previous analogue systems, cloud backup for data, great security from Interswitch and finance recording to keep patient payments and insurance information up-to-date.

The eClinic solution was designed with three layers of care providers in mind: the eClinicPHC, which was designed for primary care providers, and the eClinicPlus, designed for secondary and tertiary care institutions.

With the relaunch eClinic, Interswitch is hoping to improve data efficiency and patient care while also improving data usage and in so doing modernize and optimize healthcare in Nigeria.

eClinic is currently available to small single healthcare providers and bigger, multi-specialist facilities and it’s built to work with and complement existing systems, so hospitals struggling with patient management can easily port to eClinic’s system.

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