The African business ecosystem is witnessing a surge in fintech innovations. These innovations are making business processes easier and expanding the ecosystem’s global reach. One of these innovative fintech solutions is RexPay, a product from leading fintech player, Accelerex. RexPay  has been revolutionising the payment landscape in Africa with its seamless and secure payment processing capabilities. It is built to be an effortless and secure way for businesses to receive online payments from their customers, through a diverse number of methods.  

This cutting-edge payment solution can be seamlessly integrated into any web or mobile application to support a wide range of payment methods including cards, accounts, transfers, USSD, and QR codes. It also seamlessly processes payments across major payment schemes and card brands, such as Verve, Mastercard, VISA, and Amex. RexPay can be easily and smoothly integrated with various platforms, from e-commerce platforms to accounting software, and inventory management systems. The platform also allows merchants without websites or apps to create and share payment links with customers via email, SMS, social media, and more. With a lot of vendors setting up shops on Instagram and Facebook and receiving orders via DMs, these vendors can now also DM secure payment links to customers to facilitate easier and faster sales. With RexPay, merchants can now service customers through any means of payment, safely and reliably and this helps them build brand trust while also increasing profit. 

What makes RexPay stand out from other payment gateways is that it offers multiple payment options with premium security features, on an easy-to-use platform. The e-commerce industry on the African continent has been growing rapidly since the COVID-19 pandemic. Merchants on the continent are moving online to expand their business reach and seeking technology that makes this process easier for them and their customers. RexPay offers merchants from anywhere the ability to easily integrate into its system and offers bespoke services to  customers reliably. The process of signing up is pretty seamless. The platform offers a user-friendly self-onboarding feature, allowing merchants to sign up swiftly and begin accepting payments within minutes. Merchants with websites can also have RexPay integrated into their systems as RexPay offers seamless integration with APIs and WooCommerce—a popular e-commerce platform. Rexpay offers a White Labelling feature that enables businesses to customise the payment experience with their branding and logo and make it their own. All this comes on an intuitive portal that enables merchants monitor and manage transactions, refunds, settlements, disputes, and more in real time. The platform also provides rich and detailed data and analytics on customer behaviour, preferences, trends, and more, and with this data, businesses can optimise their marketing and sales strategies effectively. 

On security, RexPay has a robust security system that incorporates a Two-Factor Authentication (3-D secure) feature which elevates transaction security and minimises the risk of fraud. The platform combines this with advanced technologies and algorithms to detect and prevent fraud and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. All these attributes help brands build consistency, customer trust, and enhance the overall payment experience for their customers.

Led by Chuks Anakudo, the managing director of Accelerex, the parent company behind RexPay, the online payment product was built to change the payment landscape and assist businesses to succeed in the digital era. Over the years, Accelerex has grown to be one of the leading providers of electronic payment and business management solutions in Africa. The company services all the merchant acquiring banks in Nigeria with over 120,000 connected payment channels across the 36 states in the country. Since 2018, it has been consistently ranked as one of the top three providers of payment channel services (by value of transactions processed) by the Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBSS). 

Certified by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the Bank of Ghana (BoG) as a Payment  Terminal Service Provider (PTSP) and Payment Solution Service Provider (PSSP), Accelerex has leveraged its bespoke application development capability to provide fintech solutions that simplify the payment experiences of retailers through innovative technology. Accelerex has a product specifically developed to smoothen the operation of all stakeholders in the agency banking system – Accelerex Agent Network Platform (ANP). Its product bouquet also includes RexRetail—for SMEs to automate their business operations and manage inventory easier, and more recently RexPay—an online payment gateway for businesses to receive payments easier. The company is committed to providing businesses with the support and payment tools they need to succeed in the modern world and RexPay is a continuation of the company’s dedication to this goal.

Speaking on the uniqueness of RexPay, Chuks Anakudo emphasised the vision of making a significant impact on the payment industry in Nigeria and beyond. According to him, “RexPay is a payment product tailored to the needs of Nigerian businesses. Whether big or small, RexPay’s simplicity, convenience, and security feature addresses the online payment requirements of merchants and empowers them to grow. It also equips them with valuable tools and insights to enhance their payment operations and performance. This aligns with Accelerex’s ambition to support Nigerian business owners with easy and affordable payment tools.” He says.

With the addition of RexPay to its suite of groundbreaking solutions, Accelerex continues to push the envelope for fintech in Africa. 

RexPay is  available for merchants to sign up on and begin accepting payments. For more information, please visit

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