Tech startups are known for the lump sums they set aside for marketing. Stilr, an Egypt-based tech marketing startup, is trying to reduce these costs by eliminating wasted costs and offering a plug-and-play marketing solution to technology companies. The startup, which leverages digital tools like SEO and social media, has locked in a 6-figure dollar investment to expand its operations in the region. 

Participants in the round included 500 Global, Digital Cooperation Organisation, Accenture, Emkan, KSA Ministry of Investment, ex-Microsoft and Oracle leaders, and angel investors through Women Spark and Falak Angels.

Speaking on the raise, CEO Nouran Ghannam expressed confidence in Stllr’s work, appraising it as unique and efficient.

“There is an untapped potential of teams in the marketing industry, but the best teams are formed on their own through the network. This model is the first of its kind in the world, and only in a community-based region like ours is it the best place to start. Thirty-four percent of all experts in the network come through referrals by someone already in the network. They can build and manage their own teams through Stllr’s technology. It’s social. We doubled our talent pool in 2022 just through the network,” he said in a post.

Stllr will funnel the investment into talent acquisition, network decentralisation, and expansion into Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries.

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