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Many people may know Lego as tetris pro, but a group of young individuals are using Lego to change lives.

Like the high school students who will be representing South Africa at the World Robot Olympiad. 


A team of students from the Sinenjongo High School built a Lego robot that can sense, pick up and throw a ball. 

Image source: ASSET via Twitter

Introduced to the world of robotics by South Africa’s Association for Educational Transformation (ASSET), the Sinenjongo rockwell boyz and their robot, “Robo47”, won both the provincial and national robotics competition before being invited to participate at the World Robot Olympiad.

At the World Robot Olympiad, the rockwell boyz will compete with other young innovators in Germany in the Robo Sports category where both teams will use Lego-based robots to play exciting games. This year’s game is set to see which teams can throw the most balls onto their opponent’s side.

Sinenjongo principal Khuselwa Nopote had this to say about the rockell boyz’ chances at the Olympiad:

“They have proven to us that nothing can stand in the way of a black child with a dream. These students going to Germany and lifting our flag high brings us pure joy because we trust that they will come home victorious with or without the trophy. We as a school are very proud of the boys’ achievements.”

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Image source: MacRumours

A lightning-change switch is coming to future iPhones.

Last week, at the WSJ Tech Live conference, Apple executive Greg Joswiak confirmed that Apple would be abandoning its decade-long lightning charging ports for USB-C ports.

ICYMI: Earlier this month, the European Parliament approved a new law that requires everyday electronic devices sold in the European Union (EU) to use USB-C charging ports. By 2024, the parliament expects any device within Europe with a power delivery of up to 100 watts—including iPhones, tablets, speakers, video games—to have the same charger. By 2026, the requirement will include laptops.

While North America remains Apple’s largest market, Europe has remained a steady second place over the years. With Europe bringing a significant chunk of revenue to the mega company, 

Apple’s decision might not have been influenced by the parliament alone. It’s also facing charger troubles in Brazil where it was recently fined R$100 million ($19 million) for not including chargers in iPhones sold in the country.

From east to west, the consensus is similar: everyone has a problem with Apple’s lightning cable and how difficult it can be to find in certain regions. 

And now: Apple has confirmed it will adhere to the EU’s decision and switch its devices to USB-C cable but it’s yet to confirm when the switch will happen. 

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For over five decades, African development policies have centred on managing poverty. But to generate economic growth that leads to sustainable development, Africa must make human capital its core focus.

Digital technology and digitalisation is crucial for economic growth and social inclusion. A study by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) found that a 10% increase in mobile broadband penetration would generate a 2.5% rise in Africa’s GDP per capita.

With some help from the government, digital technology has grown in Africa—through incubators, startups, and tech hubs. More than 600 of these tech hubs host thousands of startups, incubators, technology parks, and innovation centres. Private organisations are leading the switch to digital technology when compared to public policymakers. 

Digitalisation is not widespread in Africa. Less than 50% of Africans use the internet, a digital divide that hinders the continent from taking advantage of technology. Digitalisation cannot be left to the private sector alone if the continent is to generate transformative growth. The public sector equally needs to ensure a level playing field for all participants in the technology ecosystem through equal access to digital public infrastructure and a sound, robust regulatory policy framework.

However, the massive adoption of digital technologies also means that policymakers must address the legal and ethical impact of technology in society like data privacy. Without strong institutions, market demands might override people’s rights and interests.

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The largest gathering of Africa-focused early stage investors—Africa Early Stage Investor Summit 2022 (#AESIS2022)—is back for its 9th edition taking place from November 2–4, 2022.

This year, the three-day hybrid summit will feature renowned investors and policy makers like Biola Alabi of the Cairo Angels Syndicate Fund, Iyin Aboyeji of Future Africa, Marsha Wulff of LoftyInc Capital Management and Ido Sum of TLcom Capital Partners.

This year, attendees will get to attend a talk on pre-seed investment, meet the 14 companies selected for the 2022 VC4A Venture Showcase: Women Founder edition, and attend a reverse-pitch session where investors share perspectives on what they value.

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Ask An Investor: A15 is investing in startups and founders who have something to prove.

Cashless Nigeria: How agency banking obstructs Nigeria’s cashless vision.


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