If you’re aged 20 and above in Nigeria and live in a city like Lagos or Ibadan, you probably already have or are looking for a remote job. From young adults to older Nigerians changing careers, most people now have remote jobs as writers, virtual assistants, software developers, etc; the gig economy is currently thriving. The year 2020 saw the world begin to adjust to living in a pandemic, with numerous global organisations switching to working either fully remotely or  adopting a hybrid working system. Now workers consider office days requirements and work-from-home allowances before applying to companies or accepting jobs. 

According to some statistics, 58% of Americans work from home at least once a week and 38% are fully remote. By the end of 2022, statistics indicate that 16% of companies had gone fully remote, and remote work had increased by 44% over the past five years. In a world where remote work is growing in popularity, Native Teams, a global work platform is a valuable asset.

Started in 2018, Native Teams is designed to hire, pay, and manage globally distributed teams. Native Teams provides seamless global payroll and world-class employee-of-record (EOR) services for organisations globally, and now they’re expanding their services to Nigeria.

An EOR is like a human-resources-for-hire service. It is a third party that handles all employee responsibilities, including hiring and firing, and they assume legal responsibility for your employees and manage them too. As global work culture evolves, EOR services are becoming invaluable, and now employees and employers residing in Nigeria can tap into this global system too.

For freelancers in Nigeria, typically, finding remote international offers is a problem because of payment issues, and sometimes it’s difficult finding globally respected individuals to vouch for you. Services like PayPal, which is the go-to for a lot of international payments, are also restrictive for Nigerians to use. Now with Native Teams, freelancers in Nigeria can experience flexibility and independence with a sense of security and stability. For freelancers Native offers: 

  • Global Payment Services that enable freelancers to send and receive payments globally. This comes with tools for invoicing and a virtual card and wallet for easy access to your payments. Many freelancers in Nigeria operate solo with no registered legal business name, and receiving payments can be complicated. This solution enables freelancers to send invoices and receive payments both locally and internationally without registering a business, as you are covered under Native Teams. These payment solutions help make thriving as a solo freelancer easier.

For companies, expanding globally is a big win, especially now that the future of work is remote and global. Hiring abroad can be complex. However, for companies with a big appetite for global expansion, Native Teams is the right fit for you. Native Teams offers employers:

  • Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) services. With this service, small to mid-size companies can now focus on driving revenue while Native Teams handles the mundane administrative tasks from the preparation of contracts and agreements, to holiday management,  benefits administration, and live chat support at all times.
  • Native Teams also offers Global Payroll Services. With this service, employers can easily pay their international employees while remaining legally compliant. This service comes with a global salary calculator that enables employers to figure out employee salaries in multiple localities and offers ease of currency conversion to the contractor’s local currency. This feature, combined with the EOR service, also ensures that your international employees are properly and compliantly employed. It includes handling local taxes and benefits, and all necessary legal contracts and documentation are tailored to employee needs.

Recruitment from and beyond Nigeria requires dedicated resources, and now with Native Teams, companies can save on overhead costs and dedicate resources formerly spent on HR administration to other more profitable tasks.

With a population of about 200 million and about 30% of this population unemployed, Nigeria battles a talent drain to other more stable countries.  Services like Native Teams simplify both global hiring and freelancing. Now Nigerians can conveniently work abroad from home without battling payments and legalities. Also, with a presence in over 40+ countries, Native Teams can be leveraged by Nigerian employers to hire and manage diverse teams globally. This is made possible through their platform that makes the global recruitment and team management processes seamless through an easy-to-use product for companies of all sizes and systems. Through Native Teams, companies can connect with exceptional people worldwide and use their capabilities to enhance their products or service. 

Ready to scale your business beyond Nigerian borders? Whether your team members are in Nigeria, New York, United Kingdom or Indonesia, Native Teams will handle all of  the calculations, conversions and legal entities required. All it takes is just one click.

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