Nicolas Goldstein is the co-founder of Talenteum.Africa. He currently lives in Mauritius. He is very involved in the tech ecosystem and startups in the Indian Ocean region and in Africa. He was recently elected president of the Label French Tech Mauritius. 

Explain your job to a five-year-old

Talenteum Africa sources, hires and pays remote talents in Africa, and we drive a positive impact for their country. Talenteum Africa is a pan-African platform designed to help companies source and employ remote-working teams mainly in Africa. 

What’s something you wish you knew earlier in your life or career?

I started my entrepreneur life when I was 20. I wish I knew earlier how to measure to target a market and to fix a plan to achieve goals. 

What’s the most promising thing about tech in Africa?

Africa has the fastest-growing, most youthful population in the world at a time when the rest of the world’s workforce is shrinking. Africa is really well positioned to solve the global shortage of technology talent. Africa will nearly double its manpower size by 2035.

Which tech startups in Mauritius do you think the world should keep its eyes on?, the largest full-time talent ready to work remotely from Africa. There’s also, the largest expats community website; and, the world’s leading B2B inspection marketplace.

Is talent still Africa’s biggest tech resource?

Africa’s tech and startup coverage has grown massively over the past few years. Its technology ecosystems have experienced incredible growth these years as they have rapidly expanded in recent years, with 600+ active tech hubs providing the backbone of Africa’s tech ecosystem.

I would say that we should reach around 900,000 tech Talent in Africa by 2023, several of whom are still under training, but more training schools and boot camps have emerged in Africa recently.

What singular achievement are you most proud of?

We have given full-time jobs to more than 300+ talents in seven countries in Africa. These people would have moved to Europe or the US, but they decided to remain in their country. 

Talenteum was also named in the top 100 African startups to invest in 2019 while accumulating several other awards. We were a finalist of IOE and Seedstars’ migration challenge and received the award of “most likely startup to succeed in 2022” by Globalization Partners. 

Timi Odueso Senior Editor, Newsletters

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