According to a company announcement, monthly Google Workspace subscriptions are going up by 20%. As these prices increase, the US dollar to naira rates fluctuate, and bank policies make it more difficult to access dollars, paying Google Workspace subscriptions is becoming more expensive for Nigerians. Google Cloud partner FOUND NG, has created a solution for this by providing Naira payments at cheaper rates. 

FOUND NG is a technology sales company focused on building and enhancing digital communities through partnerships. With their products and services, they accelerate growth and improve efficiency for businesses and individuals alike. Preparing to launch in Q2 of 2023, this partnership with Google Cloud is their first foray into tech sales and it enables them to live up to their mission of optimising businesses by providing essential tools for businesses and individuals. 

As participants in the Google partner advantage programme, they are authorized resellers of Google Cloud products like Google Workspace and Google for Education, and they help users subscribe to these products. These services are naira payment-enabled and provide local, easily accessible support. The support for customers also extends to teaching users how to use these products and guiding them through the process of getting invoiced for and paying their subscriptions in naira.

From April 11, 2023, the price increases will be as follows:

  • Google Workspace Business Starter Plan: $6 —> $7.20
  • Google Workspace Business Standard Plan: $12 —> $14.40
  • Google Workspace Business Standard + Plan: $18 —> $21.60

The value of FOUND lies in the cost you cut and the access it creates. Users can seamlessly switch from their monthly subscriptions to the annual plan and save up to 20% on Google Workspace subscriptions on an annual payment plan. One benefit of making this switch is that all new registrants get to pay the old Google Workspace price and as they add or increase staff, these companies can still add new users at the old price point as well. When they launch, the plan is to also produce and share content relating to digital capabilities with users in the FOUND NG network. The FOUND NG marketplace network is a free platform for businesses and individuals. The product will be piloted in Oyo state and subsequently open to other users in the country. 

As the company looks forward to launching its product and helping its users become more digitally savvy, company leaders say they’re focused on digital transformation in Africa and building a platform for young Africans. Their approach is to empower local businesses and individuals by educating, providing support, and offering technology products that will boost their digital aspirations.

To learn more and subscribe, visit FOUND NG here or call: 08137179484

Find them on social media @Found.Africa

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