Spleet, a Nigerian proptech startup, has announced a partnership with United Kingdom-based rental assistance specialists, Repit

Repit provides relocation support, property search, viewings, referencing guidance, paperwork negotiations, and settling-in advice. This partnership aims to provide relocation and rental support for Africans moving to the UK.

Africans moving to the UK will benefit from this partnership by receiving a 5% discount from Spleet to use Repit’s services, which include advice on what to anticipate from the UK rental market and how to proceed in various circumstances. It also includes access to a dashboard that  easily tracks their property options. The alliance is expected to present an advantage to Africans moving to the UK for family, work, or educational reasons.

Speaking on the partnership, CEO and Co-founder of Spleet, Akintola Adesanmi said, “We are excited to partner with Repit to provide Africans rental support during their relocation to the UK, moving to a new country can be challenging, especially when it comes to finding a new home. 

“Immigrants often face difficulty during this process due to unfamiliarity with the UK rental market and legal requirements, no payslip as proof of financial backing, no guarantors etc. Our partnership with Repit will make the process easier and stress-free for everyone.”

Unhassling Africans relocation to the UK

Relocating to a foreign country can be an incredibly challenging experience, especially when it comes to securing a comfortable and safe living space. For african immigrants in the UK, navigating the rental market can prove particularly daunting due to their lack of familiarity with local norms and procedures. The process of finding a suitable home can therefore become an additional source of stress and anxiety for this immigrant.

Legal requirements, proof of financial backing, and lack of guarantors are common pain points experienced by African immigrants in the UK. Spleet partnership with Repit will provide practical solutions that can help make african immigrants relocation process more inclusive, seamless and equitable for all africans.

Faith Omoniyi Reporter

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