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28 APRIL, 2023


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And we really mean it; it’s been a hectic week.

This week, we launched Entering Tech Shorts, a 60-second show that provides young people with valuable insights and tips on how to enter the tech industry.

If you want to learn about practical skills without all the tech jargon, then watch Entering Tech here. They’re educational but fun, like every lesson on marketing and product Elon Musk has taught us with his Twitter takeover.😉


Meta is losing several battles in Kenya.

Yesterday, a Kenyan court judged against Meta in a lawsuit where two Ethiopians accused the social media giant of failing to moderate inciteful messages on its platform. 

The war is online: Last December, Abrham Meareg sued Meta in Kenya for the death of his father which occurred amidst the two-year Ethiopian war from 2020–2022. Per Meareg, his father was killed after his Facebook account was profiled and he was accused of associating with the rebel group, the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF).

Meareg and his co-petitioner, a legal advisor at Amnesty International, asked the court permission to serve Meta a lawsuit outside Kenya. Yesterday, the court granted the permission.

It’s still a long way to victory, but the lawsuit wants the court to force Meta to create a Ksh250 billion ($1.8 billion) fund that will be used to compensate victims of hate crimes fuelled on all Meta platforms.

Meta loses battles in Kenya: This is the second legal battle Meta has lost in Kenya this month. Just last week, a Kenyan High Court issued an order prohibiting Meta from using any third-party content moderator company other than Sama to examine its platform’s content. In the same lawsuit, it was also decided that Kenyan courts have the jurisdiction to determine petitions against Meta. 

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It looks like Payday will also be getting a nice pay day courtesy of Elon Musk’s Starlink. The Rwanda-based startup announced a partnership that will enable Startlink customers in the country to purchase their subscription services through the platform.

The partnership will allow customers to pay for internet subscriptions and any other products and services offered by Starlink via its virtual cards.

Payday was founded in 2021 and enables remittances to remote workers, freelancers, business owners, and digital professionals with seamless, borderless payments. 

The neobank claims to offer global payment processing from over 130 countries, enabling Africans to work remotely for international organisations and receive payments and withdraw money in their preferred currency, regardless of their location.

Zoom out: Payday also offers a payment platform for Starlink subscribers in Nigeria where the internet service was launched early this year. In Rwanda, Starlink will cost Rwf 48,000 ($43.55), with a one-time payment of Rwf 572,000 ($519.02) for hardware.

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Since the limit on dollar transactions on naira cards, many Nigerians have faced payment difficulties for different services owned by international brands. One of the most notable sectors Nigerians have a hard time using are global music streaming services like Spotify, YouTube Music Premium, and Apple Music. 

However, to ease the stress of a part of this faction, MTN has partnered with Apple Music to allow subscribers to pay for the service with airtime. In this article, we’ll not only be showing you the way to pay for Apple Music using airtime, but also how to get six months of free unlimited Apple Music streaming upfront.

Please note that this is open to both iPhone and Android users of the Apple Music app. You only need to have an MTN SIM.

Pay with airtime: How do you subscribe to Apple Music and pay for it using airtime? That’s by using SMS. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Open your messaging app and try to send a new message. 
  • Send “MUSIC” to 8000 with your MTN SIM and then “Accept” the plan prompt. 
  • Afterwards, you’ll get a confirmation plan that you have subscribed to Apple Music.

That’s all!

There are more options to pay for Apple Music in this article.

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This week, Maholla, a South African reward app received $1.5 million in seed funding from Buffet Group, Castleton Capital, Praesidium Capital Management and Galloprovincialis.

That’s it for this week!

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+ 1.57%



+ 0.37%



– 1.49%



+ 0.32%

Name of the coin

Price of the coin

24-hour percentage change

Source: CoinMarketCap

* Data as of 05:50 AM WAT, April 28, 2023.

Greenhouse Capital and EMURGO Africa have signed an alliance deal to fund Web3 startups in Africa. Nodo News reports that the alliance will see to the creation of an investment and advisory platform for fintech and cryptocurrency-focused startups on the continent and the Middle East.

A vigilante hacker has burnt over $300,000 worth of bitcoin belonging to Russian Intelligence agencies. CoinMarketCap reports that the hacker found 986 bitcoin wallets between March and April 2022, broke into the wallets, sent some of the bitcoin to charities on Ukraine, and burnt the rest!

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🚀Entering Tech #28: GenZs and Millenials will work hard—but not live, or die, for their work.

Uber and Bolt vs drivers union: drivers share their opinion.


There are more jobs on TechCabal’s job board. If you have job opportunities to share, please submit them at


Written by – Timi Odueso, Ephraim Modise & Tomisin Bamidele

Edited by – Kelechi Njoku

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