How to pay for Apple Music using airtime

Since the ban on dollar transactions on naira cards, many Nigerians have faced payment difficulties for different services owned by international brands. One of the most notable sectors Nigerians have a hard time using are global music streaming services like Spotify, YouTube Music Premium, and Apple Music. However, to ease the stress of a part of this faction, MTN has partnered with Apple Music to allow subscribers  to pay for the service with airtime. In this article, we’ll not only be showing you the way to pay for Apple Music using airtime, but also how to get 6 months of free unlimited Apple Music streaming upfront.

Please note that this is open to both iPhone and Android users of the Apple Music app. You only need to have an MTN SIM.

Method one on how to pay for Apple Music using airtime

You can use USSD to subscribe to Apple Music. And here are the steps to use it to subscribe and subsequently make payments:

  • Dial *447*2# with your MTN line
  • Choose the Apple Music option.
  • Select option 1 that says “Apple Music for Free @N0”
  • You’ll get a notification saying you can now use Apple Music for free for the next 6 months. 
  • You’ll be nudged to accept the prompt by replying with option 1 which  says “Proceed”.
  • You’ll receive an on-screen prompt confirming your successful subscription and you just need to go ahead and select “Accept”.
  • Check your Messages app for a confirmation SMS which will contain a link. Tap on this link and it’ll take you to the Apple Music app on your phone. And that’s about paying for Apple Music via USSD, using airtime. 

Method two on how to pay for Apple Music using airtime

How again do you subscribe to Apple Music and pay for it using airtime? That’s by using SMS. And here are the steps to follow:

  • Start by opening your messaging app and trying to send a new message. 
  • Send “MUSIC” to 8000 with your MTN SIM and then “Accept” the plan prompt. 
  • Afterwards, you’ll get a confirmation plan that you have subscribed to Apple Music.
  • That’s all!

Final thoughts

Please note that you’ll need to have a minimum balance of 1000 naira airtime by the beginning of the 7th month. Should you not have enough airtime to pay for the Apple Music subscription when your free access lapses, you’ll be suspended from the service. 

Also, you can easily terminate your subscription at any time by sending “CANCEL MUSIC” to 8000. That’s it about subscribing for Apple Music using MTN airtime.

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