Trackers, Guts And Money: Inside The Life Of A Nigerian Car Smuggler
13th September 2018

Recently, the Nigerian government banned the importation of new and used cars through its land borders, sending imported car prices sky high and giving a boon to the illicit car smuggling trade.

Nigeria Has A Fake News Problem It’s Not Paying Attention To
people, startups
3rd August 2018

You never hear it being discussed in social media forums, reported on TV or given huge headlines in newspapers.

Facebook Wants Nigerian Creators And It’s Partnering With Afrinolly To Get Them
5th July 2018

Facebook is planning an upcoming launch of Facebook for Creators in Nigeria and a partnership with Afrinolly to train 3000 creators and 2000 journalism students.

A Look At Health Tech In Egypt
21st June 2018

What is being done to change Egypt’s narrative of sub-par healthcare and accessibility? Well, the North African nations’ health tech startups are throwing themselves at it.

Why Linda Ikeji Is Important
19th June 2018

Linda Ikeji is an integral part of the Internet-age Nigeria and her contributions, albeit indirect, have been instrumental in shaping what we’ve come to know as new media (as a format or as a business) in Nigeria.

“What Do Devs Do?” by Sales People
13th June 2018

Salespeople basically hate devs and vice versa. But what do sales people really think about devs?

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