My 1Health launches a global platform connecting patients to healthcare services, merging companies, and eyeing new markets.

Specialised health facilitator My 1Health has launched its global platform to connect patients to worldwide healthcare services. The platform was created by merging My 1Health (formerly MyHealth Africa) and International Medical Treatment. The firm, which raised $1 million in December 2022, operates in several African countries, including Nigeria and Egypt, and has plans to launch in new markets. In total, My 1Health has a presence in 14 territories. Some of its users also receive medical attention from outside Africa, in countries such as England and Turkey.

In a conversation with TechCabal, the CEO of My 1Health, Ryan Marincowitz, revealed that following their December 2022 funding round, the startup is looking to expand its reach to Ethiopia and South Sudan. Marincowitz explained that the startup aims to transform how patients access specialised healthcare using tech and strategic partnerships. 

“By merging MyHealth Africa and International Medical Treatment, we’ve curated a unified platform that combines the best of both worlds. We’re also announcing our expansion into Ethiopia and South Sudan, an important step towards our mission of improving access to specialised healthcare services across the region,” Marincowitz said.

How My 1Health operates and earns revenue 

Founded in 2018, MyHealth, now My 1Health, has been operating in this new tech-based medical facilitation field from its Nairobi office. If an individual needs specialised healthcare services, they can access My 1Health’s platform through a smartphone app or a web interface. The onboarding process is straightforward, but the team at the startup tries to help new users as much as they can.

For example, if a person has been diagnosed with cancer or any other serious illness that needs expert attention, the team at My 1Health will connect them with two or three medical doctors for a second opinion. Once a diagnosis has been established, the patient can seek further medical care from a facility of choice, usually outside the country.

If a patient chooses to travel for medical attention, My 1Health facilitates their travel, including visa applications and even insurance correspondence with their provider.

Marincowitz told TechCabal they receive a facilitation fee from the hospitals or medical centres they collaborate with. Patients can also choose to connect directly with hospitals at no extra cost.

“We work with leading hospitals, clinics and specialists across Africa and worldwide. We receive a coordination or facilitation fee for each patient we assist. The cost for the patient is either the same as if they are to visit the medical facility directly, or in some cases, it is actually cheaper if the patient goes through us as we can negotiate a discount,” he explained. 

The startup has assisted more than 35,000 patients in accessing specialised healthcare services. Currently, it is aiding over 1,200 patients each month, and its monthly patient visits exhibited an average growth rate of 11% throughout 2022.

My 1Health forms a part of a growing crop of startups using tech to tackle the dearth of healthcare services in Africa. With their latest funding round and what seems like a steady focus, it is no doubt a startup to watch. It will be interesting to observe how healthtech startups  improve access to healthcare by using tech and strategic partnerships to connect patients with doctors and hospitals worldwide, regardless of their location or insurance status.

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