As tech continues to bloom globally many individuals have pivoted to tech careers and many more are seeking entry into tech roles. The tech boom has created both work and educational opportunities for a lot of Africans and this has made the international community open to hiring more African talents. Five years ago, within the confines of a shared office space, Tech Studio Academy was born to provide high quality comprehensive and accessible tech education to Africans. Now, after five years of providing high-quality services, the academy is unveiling a scholarship giveaway worth ₦5 million. The giveaway is aimed at supporting 13 passionate and deserving tech enthusiasts in their tech education journey.

Tech Studio Academy is a technology learning institute that is dedicated to providing high-quality education in tech through accessible and affordable means. The institute’s vision is to impact the future of tech in Africa through education, innovation, and community building. They provide a great learning environment with both physical and virtual classes, highly skilled and experienced professional tutors, and career support both during and post enrolment. So far they’ve trained and positively impacted the lives of over 3,500 students with courses like fullstack website development, data science/analysis, front-end engineering and product design (UI/UX). These students have gone on to excel in diverse industries. These accomplished alumni, scattered around the world, are a testament to the quality of education imparted at Tech Studio Academy.


This groundbreaking scholarship initiative will aid and encourage budding tech enthusiasts to further their educational and career plans in tech. It will also further Tech Studio Academy’s dedication to providing affordable and accessible world-class educational opportunities for students. 

Click here to participate in the giveaway.

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