SASSA SRD grant postbank

It’s some great news for SRD SASSA beneficiaries using Postbank. In a recent statement posted on the official SASSA SRD handle on X (formerly known as Twitter), Postbank has officially confirmed that all outstanding SASSA grant payments to affected recipients, stemming from the system incident on the 5th and 6th of September, have been successfully disbursed.

The complex task of rectifying these payments has been accomplished, ensuring that SASSA SRD Gold Card beneficiaries who were awaiting their grant can now access them seamlessly, be it through ATMs or participating retailers.

For those social grant beneficiaries with further inquiries regarding their payments, Postbank extends its support channels:

  • Phone Call: 0800 53 54 55
  • Email: Reach out via
  • WhatsApp: Message at 073 806 1631

Fraud detection by the Postbank system by some SRD SASSA grant beneficiaries

The bank also in the statement noted that some individuals have attempted to manipulate the system by seeking double payments, despite having already received their due funds. Postbank wants to make it abundantly clear that such fraudulent actions will not succeed due to the robustness and high-end encryption of their systems. However, they highlight that such actions not only hinder genuine beneficiaries but also contribute to the misconception that a significant number of SASSA beneficiaries remain unpaid.

Postbank condemns this behaviour and vows to report it to law enforcement agencies, emphasising its commitment to ensuring that deserving beneficiaries receive the assistance they require.

Final thoughts

Postbank’s diligent efforts to rectify the SASSA grant payment issue demonstrate their unwavering commitment to serving the needs of South Africa’s most vulnerable citizens. With all outstanding payments now disbursed and safeguards in place against fraudulent activities, beneficiaries can rest assured that the system is working in their favour. Meanwhile beneficiaries of the SASSA SRD grant can use any bank to receive their grant. If you want to learn how to change your banking details, read this article here.

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