The JAMB matriculation list for 2024 serves as a record of students who have received admission offers from Nigerian tertiary institutions. It’s vital for students to ensure their names are on this list. Let’s delve into why checking your name on the JAMB Matriculation List 2024 is important.

Importance of verifying your name on JAMB Matriculation List 2024

You should check if your name is on the JAMB admission list because:

  • NYSC mobilisation: To qualify for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), your name must be on the JAMB matriculation list.
  • Validity of admission: Confirming your name on the list validates your admission from an accredited institution recognized by JAMB.
  • Protection Against Fraud: Checking your name safeguards you from falling victim to fake admissions offered by illegitimate institutions.

How to check your name on the JAMB matriculation list in 2024

To verify your name on the JAMB Matric List 2024:

Check your name on JAMB matriculation list 2024 JAMB matriculation list checking portal image 2024
  1. Visit the JAMB matriculation list portal on the e-Facility website.
  2. Provide your JAMB registration number and examination year.
  3. Your name will be displayed if it’s on the list.

Getting your name on the list

To ensure your name appears on the matriculation list:

  1. Access and print your Admission Letter (if/when it’s available) from the e-Facility Portal.
  2. Obtain and print your JAMB result slip (if/when it’s available) via the e-Facility platform.
  3. Seek confirmation from your institution’s admissions officer regarding both documents.

It’s vital to note that only candidates with admission offers from recognized institutions will be listed. Those admitted by unrecognised institutions won’t find their names on the list.

Final thoughts

Verifying your name on the JAMB Matriculation List is an important step in the admission process for Nigerian tertiary institutions. It confirms the legitimacy of your admission, shields you from fraudulent schemes, and is essential for NYSC mobilisation. Candidates are urged to check their names promptly to avoid last-minute complications.

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